Letters to the Editor – May 16


This is in regard to all the people at the National Forest Service and Park Service who oversee Devils Tower. While I applaud their desire to help Mother Nature, I believe they are failing miserably. After Tuesday’s attempt to do so, two things should be painfully clear. One – you can’t control Mother Nature. Two – you can’t build a fire big enough to burn down the Tower. Maybe you should quit trying!

Bruce Zube

Dear Editor:

This letter is to the residents of Crook County. We would like to use this opportunity to address the recent actions of the Crook County Commissioners removal of the three remaining members of the Fair Board. Letters of resignation were turned in by the other two members. The Fair Office received Mr. Jay’s on Monday, May 6 and Mrs. Wood’s at 7:15 a.m. the 8th of May. Mrs. Wood had sent a letter of resignation along with several comments to the Commissioners that were dated April 30. We did not know of or see these accusations and comments until 2:30 p.m. of May 8. It was this letter that started things. We were not allowed to address these issues before a decision by the Commissioners was made. The Commissioners have stated that they wanted to make sure that we let everyone be heard and listened to but it seems that this courtesy was not to be extended to the Fair Board. We have listened and implemented many changes that were suggested from master gardeners, FFA Advisors, Superintendent’s and the public.

First of all, we would like to assure you that there never has been and was not ever any intention to mislead, hide, deceive or violate any laws in any way by anyone of us at the April meeting or any other meeting for that matter. Every member of the Board was present and responsibility for our actions lies with each and every one of us. By our actions during these proceedings, please let it show, that at least three of us accept that responsibility.

If you have been following past reports in the paper you are aware of other issues that have been raised about the Fair Board. We can assure you that there are and have been a large amount of incidents that have happened over the years, that we have been members of this Board, that we chose to take the high road and not bring out. After so long of being shoved by certain individuals we shoved back and that was used against us. We have always and still do feel, that those who want to work together to make the Fair a success, outnumber those who only make that claim. Those who wish not to work together just seem to be more vocal.

Had the Commissioners asked us to resign, we would have taken that option, but we were just told that they were going to remove us. We accept that as their decision and they did what they felt was best- We accept that. We could have requested a hearing and drug this out for a longer time and yes we think exonerated ourselves based on the facts. There have been actions/comments by ALL board members that would fit into what was submitted to the Commissioners as inappropriate. When one board member points a finger at the rest of the board it would be wise to remember there are three pointing back at them.

After the Commissioners removed us we could have just walked out of the room and went home. Because we are committed to a successful Fair and the fact that it is fast approaching, we offered to work with them in making sure business was taken care of that night. We convened our regularly scheduled meeting at 6 p.m. and as per the Commissioners motion to remove us, paid the outstanding bills and then turned the meeting over to them as they are now the interim Fair Board. They set 1 p.m. on May 21 as the date to appoint a new Fair Board and the next Fair Board meeting will follow immediately after in the Jury room.

We hope that the Commissioners see fit to put members on the new Board who do not have a personal agenda but have that best interest of all members of the community, particularly the kids, at heart. We would hope that they retain the current Fair Secretary as she does an outstanding job.

Wayne Garman

Paula Brown

Sharon Campbell