Letters to the Editor – May 10

Dear Editor,

We appreciate all of the folks who attended the Crook County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner and convention activities back in March. We enjoyed the presence of our two US Senators and their wives, as well as a stop-in visit from US Representative Lummis. Many of our local officials were in attendance as well. However, we did miss our Legislative update from House District 1 Representative Mark Semlek. He and his wife Sheila enjoy attending these events. Unfortunately, because of a mistake on my part, they were not notified in a timely manner.

I e-mailed Representative Semlek four days before the event asking for his ticket numbers. When he responded with an e-mail wondering what I was talking about, I realized that I had somehow “dropped the ball” in terms of his invitation. I deeply regret this error. It was clerical in nature but it did prevent our county Republicans from hearing Representative Semlek’s annual legislative update. I apologize to Mark and Sheila Semlek, as well as the folks who missed out on the opportunity to visit with them during this annual event.

Representative Semlek’s tireless work on behalf of House District 1 and Crook County at the State Legislature is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Ted Davis

Crook County Republican Party Chairman

To the residents of Crook County,

Last week’s Sundance Times contained an article about Oneok’s Bakken NGL pipeline and the additional steps that Oneok has taken or will take to address landowner concerns. Brad Borror said that Oneok commissioned a geological field survey in response to landowners concerns. Their findings indicate that our terrain here in Northeast Wyoming is not unique. Well, that may be true; but then terrain only defines the physical features of an area of ground. We had asked for a geological hazard assessment. A geological hazard assessment identifies risk factors created by geologic conditions such as seismic activity, landslides, slope movement, and karst conditions. This assessment would include subsurface exploration and soil surveys. Once risks have been identified, strategies are developed to mitigate the potential dangers associated with these risks. A hazard assessment should include either a certification that the pipeline can proceed without any measures necessary to mitigate risks, or a statement that there is elevated risk that would require mitigation measures in order for the pipeline to be undertaken safely. We don’t believe that any of this has been done. It’s our responsibility to ensure that this pipeline is undertaken in a safe and responsible manner. Oneok has already announced plans for a second pipeline that would carry crude oil along this same route. Oneok will not have to live with the consequences of any of their actions, we will. We’ve worked hard to improve our lands and preserve our quality of life. We want our children to experience the same quality of life that we have known and loved for decades, I know that you do too. Please join us in asking the Crook County Commissioners to insist that Oneok prepare a geological hazard assessment before any construction begins.

Douglas Watson

Warren and Greta Crawford

Phyllis Watson

We would like to add our signatures in support of the letter to the editor, Sundance Times, April 16 about the concerns the local citizens have over the proposed Bakken Pipeline.

Clinton and Karey Streeter

Doug and Barb Peterson

Tim Mikkelson

Kathleen Streeter

Ila Leger

Lennie Skillingstad

Bruce and Gayle Ryan

Paul and LuAnn Jacobson

Lee Habeck

Jeff E. Vore

Jack and Mary Ann Sty

Suzette Moline

Dave and Judy Wagner

Monte and Tanja Miller

Judy Bettmann

Clint and Ada F. Westover

Bob and Corrine Miller

Linda Roberts

Bill and Rita Gartman

Bill Whalen

Matt and Karen Disney