Letters to the Editor – Mar. 22

Dear Editor,

2017-2018 was a tale of two teams, one dominating, one with an indomitable will to win.

Last year, the Lady Bulldogs volleyball team was the second best 2A team in the state. Throughout the fall of 2016, they played well but could never find a way to get past the Wright Lady Panthers.

This year’s team was led by four returning seniors, a returning junior and a strong supporting cast of sophomores and freshmen. They lost to Wright in a pre-season tournament, but after that, the resolve of the team led by the four seniors was a force to be reckoned with.

With a strong, experienced coaching team at the helm, the team carried a quiet, respectful confidence that “This is our year!” into every match. They defeated Wright in Wright and never looked back.

They rolled through the regular season, the regional tournament and the State Tournament to bring home the state title. They did so with class and confidence. This was their year.

Conversely, the basketball team was a mix of two returning seniors, a returning junior and sophomore and a group of first year varsity sophomores and freshmen. I don’t think many people gave them much of a chance to go far in the state.

Often with levels of anxiety that parents must feel, I watched gritty, never give up, find a way to win performance after performance. Led by a strong coaching staff, the ladies just kept winning.

They dug deep, played hard and fought their way to a State title. True grit in my opinion.

The two teams gave me seven months I will never forget. The coaches, parents and district gave me the honor and privilege of driving these young ladies to many of their games. The ladies showed me lessons of respect, quiet resolve, determination and hard work.

You taught me the value of life lessons that can only be learned on the court or playing field. You are a credit to the district and the state.

Merle Lossing, bus driver

Dear Editor,

On Saturday, March 10 the Crook County Republican Convention passed resolutions of support for the Article V Convention of States process in the Constitution. There was a very good and healthy discussion before the final vote by the delegates.

When considering Article V of the Constitution, one must critically compare what the Convention of States Project is proposing and the opponents’ fear of a “runaway convention”.

Many opposed to the COS believe, based on assertions of East coast professors 50-60 years ago, that the Founders acted “outside their authority” in the deliberations, breaking the commissions that limited them. After the Founders acted inappropriately, then opponents agree it was “lucky” for us they did exceed their authority because the end result was the U.S. Constitution. Here’s a little historical insight.

While researching this assertion I came across a video that referenced the Annapolis Convention of 1786 for which only five states attended. During this convention it was determined that the delegates did not have the authority to address the real issue, The Articles of Confederation. It did not have the necessary structure to hold the Union together. They determined the solution was to create an entirely new government to address issues between the states without giving the national government too much power.

They suggested, “to devise such further provisions as shall appear to them necessary to render the constitution of the federal government adequate to the exigencies of the Union; and to report such an act for that purpose to the United States in Congress assembled, as, when agreed to by them, and afterwards confirmed by the legislatures of every state, will effectually provide for the same.”

The Founders unanimously voted to go home and get the proper authorization to form this new government. Ten states gave their commissioners free reign. Two states, New York and Massachusetts, wanted to “revise the Articles of Confederation” as needed and “render the federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of government and the preservation of the Union”.

The NY delegates went home with Alexander coming back to the convention to assist with changes, but never voted. He did, however, sign the final document.

The MA delegates considered that the “rendering the Federal Constitution adequate…” gave them full authority to continue, which was later confirmed by MA legislature resolution that indeed their delegates acted within their commissions. Rhode Island didn’t participate at all in the Philadelphia Convention.

So there are two story lines for the creation of the Constitution, including Article V

  1. The Founders exceeded their authority, but we were lucky they did. So in other words, Madison and his gang plotted in advance, in Annapolis, to destroy the current government through a silent coup, enact a whole new government, and change the ratification process illegally. If that was the true story, was it not treasonous? And now we are supposed to feel “lucky”? If they did exceed their authority should the founders not have been thrown in prison for this treason, for ruining the Articles of Confederation and its Congress?
  2. The Founders acted in full accordance with their authority to propose (not enact) a full government change (including the change of ratification which was approved by ALL of the states). The National Congress approved and all 26 bodies of the original state legislatures, including Rhode Island, approved this new government.


When you research the truth perhaps you will, along with me, choose the second story-line, the true, documented, archived history and not the story-line of biased east coast teachers.

To emphasize the importance of Article V in keeping the final power with the Several States it should be noted that when the Convention of States process for amending the Constitution was passed, there was no need for debate (nem. con, or no debate, as Madison wrote in his notes) and it was passed with a unanimous vote!

The opponents claim the 10th is all we need to stop federal overreach. The 10th Amendment is a statement of limitations, but contains no process to solve the violations.

Before the 10th Amendment came to be, the process was already being used to solve issues and violations. That process was part of the original seven Articles of the Constitution- Article V is the process they used. It is the best tool the Founders gave us to Drain The Swamp.

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Rod Geil, Pine Haven