Letters to the Editor – June 21


What the Stalinist Maoist Communist Chinese Tyrants masquerading as a government did to expecting mother Feng Jianmei and her little girl (and likely millions more) is the continuation of a century-long systematic violence that is employed to forcibly subjugate the individual to the will of a small group of thugs who murder for the sake of “the good of the collective.”

This is so absolutely revolting, immoral, inhumane and such an outrageous violation of the Natural Law that those who did this should be executed in public along with those who are behind the “one child policy.” This is an act of war against humanity. If you disagree look at the photos that have made this issue a firestorm. No government has any legitimate authority to subject a human being to such a terrible punishment for simply attempting to live a normal human existence.

Imagine your wife telling you that she is expecting a second child. Your mutual joy founded in this miracle is tempered by the local “Family Planning Representative” who tells you that you do not qualify for the arbitrary exemption that allows for your neighbor to have two children so you have to fork over what equates to your entire annual income to pay the fine. When you tell this cold heartless communist agent you cannot afford the fine he, without a hint of compassion in his eyes, informs you that the only option is to allow them to murder your 7 month old child. When your wife refuses they constantly harass her. Just weeks away from the delivery date a decimated relative tells you that your wife was blindfolded, beaten and forcibly taken to a hospital by communist population control agents where she was powerless against being stabbed in the belly with needles filled with poison for the singular purpose of killing your child in the name of population control. When these thugs allow you to see your wife she is lying broken, lost and alone with the poison they injected into her slowly killing your child. Hours later the greatest joy of your life stops kicking and is ripped from your wife’s womb murdered and lifeless all because a group of communist thugs think there are too many people. Your little girl had to pay the price.

The most morally revolting part of this is that your tax dollars could have funded the injection that was used to murder this little girl. By the end of his first term President Obama and the Congress will have sent $192 million to the United Nations Population Fund that helps the Communist dictators in China use their Iron Boot to stomp on the bellies of expectant mothers in the name of population control. That we allow tyrants to carry out systematic acts of violence and murder against our fellow human beings is a great shame on our nation. As the torch bearers of the bright flame of life and liberty lit in 1776 we cannot allow this darkness to go unchecked.

Otto Schlosser


After attending the Crook County School Board Meeting that was held on June 18, 2012, I felt compelled to write a Letter to the Editor so that I could encourage other parents, tax-paying citizens, and otherwise interested parties to band together to see if we can somehow turn the tide of what is happening right now within our school district.

My intention is not to be negative. My hope is that if enough of us voice our concerns to the School Board, we will start a groundswell of positivity that will then result in an immediate change in leadership, starting with the Superintendent.

I am very concerned that within the last 30 days, four of our beloved, high-quality educators from Sundance have felt compelled to resign their positions. All four school employees cited reasons varying from bullying and harassment from the administration to not being able to productively work in the current ethical environment that is lacking both decency and morals.

We have lost a Principal, a Librarian, a Special Education Teacher, and an Instructional Facilitator so far. We cannot afford to lose any more, especially when their reasons for leaving are due to the current administration, not because they don’t like their jobs or students.

The School Board attempted to say that we don’t know both sides of the story, and I am of the opinion that the only side that matters is the right side. If something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

The entire community knows why the Sundance Elementary Principal resigned and we all also know why the others resigned. They addressed their reasons specifically in their resignation letters. The administration as I see it consists of the Superintendent and the School Board, therefore it is clear that we are losing excellent school district employees because of them.

I am beseeching all concerned parents, tax-payers, or anyone else with righteous indignation to spare, to go to the next School Board meeting and address the Board about these and other concerns. We might think that they can’t or won’t do anything, but at the very least, we might spark a civil and positive dialog that will result in genuine change for the better.

Thank you for your time,

Darla Mouat