Letters to the Editor – July 31

Glass recycling is working out better than I expected. We are currently recycling 1,000 pounds per week and that reduces what we will ship out of the transfer station by another 26 tons a year. History shows that we start slow and see the pounds of recyclables and participation rate climb over the first six months. I would ask everyone to please remove the glass they place in the dumpster from any sacks or boxes. Dave Naughton, our recycler, can’t get over the take rate and pounds of recyclables per household and I think we can all be proud of that.

We have no way to tell how many pounds of compost we have at the landfill but the pile continues to grow. The public works crews have been using the County’s chipper and chipping at least every two weeks. I would ask everyone who takes compost material to the landfill to please remove it from the sacks. We have now distributed about 120 yard waste containers and I would call the demand for them steady.

The transfer station building is completed, the scale is working, and we have received our trailers so we are ready to go with the exception of where we will transfer our waste. With the upcoming election, negotiations have stalled but will probably resume after the Primary.

The Cole water storage tank is proceeding and the contractors are currently spraying a cement product called gunite on the wall around the tank to keep the wall stable. They then spray a stabilizing coat and then they will drill in anchors, hang mesh from those anchors and then spray the finish layer. Drain tubes will be installed to deal with any water that may get behind the cement. When this is completed we will finish the foundation and start erecting the tank.

We met with Wyoming Water Development about our Level 2 study. If you recall, in the Level 1 study, we developed a hydraulic model of how our water system worked and determined the highest priority projects for good sanitation, improved water pressure, and added fire protection. The Level 2 study will concentrate on the Cole well field and the transmission line that brings the water to our town. Wyoming Water Development will be pulling all the wells in the Cole well field and checking the pumps, running cameras down the well case, as well as looking at the condition of the hardware out there. Wyoming Water Development pays Tri-Hydro to do all of this work so it will cost the City nothing.

The last thing I would ask all of you is to vote “yes” on the SPOT Tax or the capital facilities tax, also known as the sixth-cent tax. Sundance will use these tax dollars for water and sewer projects. The beauty of this tax is that it partially paid by tourists and allows us to improve water and sewer without raising rates.

Paul Brooks, Sundance Mayor

In 2017, Wyoming residents will be issued new license plates. Although the plates will hopefully still have the bucking horse, the county numbering system is no longer relevant since the population demographics are no longer accurate. This makes the number ranking incorrect.

As well, very few of us, including law enforcement, know what number goes with what county. I got stopped and the officer had to ask me what county I lived in. And no one, including legislators, identify themselves by the county number of their residences. The only place that number is used is on the plates and then it has to be deciphered. There is a much more efficient method of county identification on the license plates.

If the license plates had letter combinations, one would know instantly in what county a vehicle is registered. They could be as follows:

1. AL Albany

2. BH Big Horn

3. CA Carbon

4. CP Campbell

5. CV Converse

6. CK Crook

7. FM Fremont

8. GO Goshen

9. HS Hot Springs

10. JO Johnson

11. LA Laramie

12. LI Lincoln

13. NA Natrona

14. NB Niobrara

15. PA Park

16. PL Platte

17. SD Sheridan

18. SB Sublette

19. SW Sweetwater

20. TE Teton

21. UT Uinta

22. WK Washakie

23. WT Weston

I’ve talked to legislators and was told this was a WyDOT decision; WyDOT said it was a legislative decision. If you feel this change would be an efficient and responsible one, please contact both bureaucracies – legislators and WyDOT.

Pat Mitchell, Wheatland