Letters to the Editor – Jan. 3

I recently learned about a Wyoming statewide gas tax hike that is set to be voted on by our state legislature this coming January. This new gas tax hike will raise the price of every single gallon of fuel purchased in the state of Wyoming by $.10 a gallon. How many gallons of gas do you buy in a year?

That might not sound like much, but over the course of a year, the average commuter in Wyoming will spend $100’s of dollars in additional taxes out of their own pockets, but that is not all. Since fuel is also used in trucks to transport and deliver goods, services and food to stores, everything you buy will go up in price too. That makes this a form of double tax.

What’s frustrates me most about this is that it is being supported and promoted by large special interest groups and out of state corporations that will profit from these very same taxes. If that’s not enough, the politicians are trying to quietly sneak this new tax in during the first week of January, right after the holidays when they think no one is looking or paying attention to what they are doing. I expect that nonsense from politicians in Washington DC, but not from our elected officials here in Wyoming. I expect better than that from them, and you should too.

Given the rough shape of the economy and good shape of our roads, you like me, should think that this is a bad time for politicians in Cheyenne to take more food out of the mouths and money out the wallets of hard working Wyoming families.

Please contact Representative Mark Semlek at 307-756-9294, and Senator Ogden Driskill at 307-680-5555, and let them know that they should VOTE NO on the gas tax hike!


Rob McNealy

As 2013 approaches, the old saying that taxpayers are never safe when the legislature is in session, certainly holds true for Wyoming residents this year.

Currently flying under the radar is a big push to increase our gasoline taxes by a whopping 71.4%!!!

Many of our legislators are scheming to raise the current 14 cent gas tax to 24 cents.

Income for most of the folks I know has been flat or has decreased over the past several years. I think it is ridiculous that our elected public servants would even consider such a move.

Please contact your state house and senate representative Mark Semlek and Ogden Driskill and tell them you do not appreciate the imposition of a massive tax increase, amounting to hundreds of dollars yearly on the average Wyoming family.

Chris Ericsson

Dear This Side of the Pond,

I am a recently displaced person from California. My family has lived here for many generations on the coast, and I do miss the fog and ocean. I too have noticed the language differences. People give me the wank stare also. But that goes both ways. Such as the word for car or pickup. Here people call them outfits? Another example is the words used for describing meal times. In Sundance: Breakfast, Dinner, Supper. In California: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I am always confused if people are inviting us for Lunch or Dinner? Also, the North Dakota accents are new to me, but cute. I at first thought some people had recently emigrated from Norway. I have a close Welsh friend who visited me from England and she explained to me that I was mispronouncing many English words such as schedule and aluminum. Viva La Difference!

Terri Cronn

P.S. Love your column.