Letters to the Editor – Jan. 26

There are a few things that I need to fill everyone in on. First is that City Hall is receiving a makeover with new office furniture, or at least new to us, donated to us by the Sundance State Bank. We will be moving our old desks and other office furniture out and at that time we will replace carpet and move the new furniture in. I would like to thank the Sundance State Bank for this much needed donation.
The next thing is the water tank. Kathy, Larry, and I went to Cheyenne to talk about our water tank with the Wyoming Water Development Commission. We were hoping to come home with a grant for $508,000 and a loan for an additional $256,000. At the end of the day on Tuesday, we were awarded a loan for $770,000. However, on Wednesday morning we went the Capitol to a meet with the Select Committee on Water and our legislative delegation moved quickly and we were instead awarded a grant for $770,000 and an additional grant of $150,000 for a Level One water study. The study is a pro-active look at our water system and should help us identify needed upgrades to our water system. All of us at the City of Sundance would like to thank Senator Driskill, Representative Semlek, and Water Commission members Philip Habeck and Floyd Canfield for all their help.
I would also like to share that Zach Steele and Larry Schommer are both Level Two Water Operators, Doug Haar is a Level Two Waste Water Operator, and Zach Steele is his back up with a Level One Waste Water endorsement. We have all the licenses needed for both water and waste water operations.
The last thing I need tell you about is regarding the work we are doing with the Northeast Coalition and Wyoming Association of Municipalities on the state budget for cities and towns. Our community has seen state participation in the direct distribution formula drop from $210,000 in the 2009/2010 budget to $147,000 in the 2011/2012 budget. The Governor’s proposal for the 2013/2014 budget is just $64,000. This would be a huge blow to our city and we hope to get this number raised.
Paul Brooks, Mayor


Dear Editor,

Last fall I wrote to you expressing my concern and dissatisfaction about the quality of the snow removal on the State Highways. With the understanding that the local people who do the job were never the issue, they can only do as they are allowed by the policies made by the “Bosses”, not necessarily even the local “Bosses”, but those who are far removed from the real world in a far away place, an Ivory Tower. While the products and equipment given those that do this invaluable service can and still should be improved even more, the timeliness and effort to use what they have is greatly improved. My thanks and appreciation to all those responsible for the improvements.


The Snow Plow Drivers


As I awoke to see with fright,

A terrible storm arrived during the night,

The roads where in very bad shape, what a terrible state,

Worry and fear crept into my mind;

My wife’s trip to work would be a challenge to fate.


Then a yellow rotating light reflect up to the house from the road,

Soon a snow plow roared thru the night,

What a wonderful sight.


Out of a cloud of snow the Plow Truck appeared,

Yellow and huge, climbing the hill,

Clearing the road with courage and skill,

Braving the storm with no fear.


Thru the dark of the pre-dawn light

A Plow Truck Driver was making it all right,

What a comforting sight.


Thank you all for helping keep us safe.


Dave Craig