Letters to the Editor – Jan. 24

The day after our last City Council meeting, I signed an agreement with Janet Lake which allows us to place the failing water tank on her property just west of where it is today. That morning, our engineers (TRI-Hydro), city staff, Engineering America (the people we purchased the tank from), and Wyoming Water Development employee Wade Verplanke, met on the new site and formulated a plan the relocate the tank. We hope to be on line with the tank in early June.

We will be going to bid on the drainage manhole for the swimming pool by next month. This will keep the pool liner safe from ground water.

Kathy and I just returned from Cheyenne were Governor Mead, on behalf of the Wyoming Business Council, awarded $1.35 million to Roger Croell for adding infrastructure to his new facility.

We were also awarded a SLIB Grant slash loan for $400,000 to complete the transfer station. This was a hard choice because I did not want to indebt the city. The story goes like this, there are only three small towns in the state building transfer stations right now and there are another sixty that are going to have to. We believe that the funds will get stretched very thin when the other communities start their landfill closures and transfer stations. We also are working with Senator Hines and Senator Bebout on a back-fill of the loan when the Landfill Bill passes. Senator Bebout is the head of Appropriations Committee and Senator Hines is the Chair of the Minerals Committee. The Minerals Subcommittee oversees landfills.

The last thing is the coverage of the last meeting. In my report, I spoke of problems with the fire budget as well as the fact that we had cancelled the city credit card because of unauthorized charges. These are separate issues. We don’t know who made the charges or if they are the result of credit card fraud but we had to cancel the card to trace the charges. I am not blaming anyone at this point. Tracking receipts and maintaining budgets are very important as our finances and our audit are reviewed every time we ask the state for help.

Paul Brooks, Mayor

To the editor,

I wanted to write and tell you that Sundance, WY has some very great people in their midst.

Tonight I received a frantic message from one of my Navy Moms on our FB site that her son was broke down in Sundance, WY. Cold, frustrated and no one to help him, Military Moms scrambled and somehow Herb and Cora Robinson from Herb Robinson Repair and Towing in Sundance were contacted and they went way above the call and took care of our Navy Mom’s son. They kept him warm and got him his alternator for his vehicle then got him back on the road to his base in Norfolk.

Please let Herb and Cora Robinson know how much we Military Moms thank them! There are not many people that would take the time to do what they did. We Military Moms pray for people like them every day that will help our military loved ones when they are aboard the states or world.

Navy Mom,

Susie Baldwin