Letters to the Editor – Jan. 12

Dear Friends,
Will you clip and save UPC barcode labels for us? As a volunteer non-profit organization, Sundance Community Handbell Choir is eligible to receive benefits from the “Labels for Learning” program sponsored by Our Family brand of food products which are available locally at Decker’s. We will receive $25 for each batch of 500 labels! While relying entirely on donations, we must pay our insurance premium, we need to update some equipment, and we would like to expand our library. Every label will help us reach our goals.
Just cut out the barcode sections from any Our Family products and deposit them in the receptacle stationed at Decker’s. This would be greatly appreciated. As an on-going endeavor, we are already on our way to our first 500 labels!
SCHS is an ecumenical group of enthusiastic, dedicated, English handbell ringers. We play for churches, long term care facilities and community functions in Sundance, Spearfish, Gillette and beyond. We offer both sacred and secular selections. There is no fee. It is our pleasure to actively engage in community service.
If you would like us to play for an event or if you have any questions about SCHC, please call our director, Janet Lake, at 283-2215. New ringers are welcome too.
Happy New Year!
Marilyn, J. Rogers, secretary, SCHC

Dear Editor,
The article “Going Green” in last week’s Times is typical of most, if not all greenie installations: They are only designed, built, and installed with TAXPAYER money. Nearly every solar or wind installation is subsidized by “rebates”, “credits”, or “incentives” paid for by taxpayers. Nearly none would exist if built with the homeowners OWN money.
Why? Because they can’t compete with conventional fuels. It’s that simple. Sure, if you were 10 miles from the closest PRECorp power line, it would make sense, but most are not. And now instead of simply calling the power company if you have an outage, guess who’s responsible for maintaining and repairing the system?
The article stated that the same company was involved here as with the Visitor Center. Another boondoggle that the taxpayers are paying for! There will NEVER be a payoff in terms of energy usage if you consider the maintenance on these systems and the cost of drilling 18 geothermal wells. And for what? To prove a point that it CAN be done no matter how impractical?
Sure, it’s good for these kids to get out and do something, but let’s keep it “real” instead of working on projects that only exist at the expense of the taxpayer.
Mac Frank