Letters to the Editor – Jan. 10

Make your voices heard

We’ve all heard the rumblings about a proposed 10 cent per gallon gasoline tax and increases to our vehicle registration fees. It’s been discussed here before as well as on various talk radio stations.

I, for one, am dead set against any tax increase, anywhere, anyhow, but your view may differ. In any case, I encourage every reader to contact each of your elected officials and let them know what YOU think. This is the best approach so that they are fully informed of the voice of the people and can vote accordingly.

The contact info for Governor Mead, Senator Driskill, and Representative Semlek can be found at wyoming.gov

Mac Frank

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to State Representative Semlek’s pro-gas tax opinion piece in last week’s issue. In his letter, he began his editorial by saying that he wasn’t advocating in favor of the new gas tax hike. I find that statement dishonest, because at the time he made it, he had in fact, already voted for the gas tax hike in the joint revenue committee.

I am also upset about how this new gas tax hike is being passed without any public debate or discussion, right after the new year. It seems sneaky to me. I have talked to many people about this gas tax hike and most of them have never even heard about this gas tax hike, let alone, support it.

Our economy is in state of depression right now, and with all the new taxes coming from Washington this year, now is the absolute worst possible time to raise even more taxes on the backs of working Wyoming families.

This gas tax hike will directly hurt rural and working Wyoming families the most, as they are the ones that will be driving the longest distances and paying largest amount of this new gas tax. This gas tax hike will also raise the cost of everything people need to buy, because the increased costs of transporting goods and services will be passed along to the consumer.

I am sure Representative Semlek has his own reasons for supporting this gas tax hike, but he should explain why he really supports it to the taxpayers of Crook County, face to face, before he votes for this gas tax hike.


Heather Kammerer