Letters to the Editor – Feb. 15

Dear Editor,

Bullying in Wyoming must stop!

In the past and recently, I have received reports of bullying in schools. The most recent event was reported and no action was taken to stop it.

A male student who has bullied classmates through grade school is now doing it in high school, too. He even stabbed another student in the back with a pencil. This case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Is this fun or is it assault on an individual?

For those who are being bullied, there is help; however, they must keep a record of the complaints, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING including evidence, date, time, who, what, when, where, details describing exactly what happened. This is the only way the authorities can make a case.

Report and provide this documentation to the principal, superintendent and local police. If the victim does not receive help, they should contact the Director of Wyoming Education at 307-777-7675.


Stan Dodson

Moorcroft, WY

Dear Editor,

There is a lot of debate about garbage going on and I am glad. Discussion about solid waste is a good thing when you are trying to end up with a good outcome.

There are a lot of pieces to the solid waste picture that need to be considered when looking for an affordable solution and I want to share them with you. There are two core reasons the landfill must be closed: first is nitrate in the ground water caused by buried garbage decaying and leaching into ground water, and second is that there are trace amounts of known carcinogens that show up in ground water testing.

I also must explain about DEQ primacy, which is a nice way of saying that the DEQ is involved not just in solid waste and water but in oil, gas and mine permitting; so not complying is not an option here in Wyoming. If it weren’t for the DEQ, the state’s mineral extraction would fall under the United States EPA; I don’t think we want that.

The next parts of the equation get much more difficult and all are parts of our municipal solid waste formula. First, we have DEQ-ordered ground water monitoring to the tune of $30,000 a year. Second, we have a payment on the transfer station, and I believe that the transfer station is necessary because we need to have a place to go with garbage from large commercial accounts and large items such as old furniture.

Third is the construction debris, which includes material from both demolition of abandoned buildings and scraps from construction of new buildings, which we are currently taking but will not be allowed to when the landfill is closed. I think permitting construction debris pits and continuing to take construction debris is vital to Sundance’s continued growth.

The other part of the garbage problem includes recycling, which we entered to reduce the size of our waste stream thus reducing the weight of our solid waste and the trips it takes to haul it away. It costs less to get rid of recycling than to bury it as garbage.

We also deal with used tires and white goods (appliance disposal). I think these services are essential if we want our community to prosper.

We also take yard waste. It is heavy and bulky and would cost a lot to take to a landfill. We stockpile and mulch it in hopes of using it to compost the output of the local locker plant and veterinarian.

The last part of the formula is the people that man the transfer station and make sure the waste we take is properly sorted and the girls in the office that do the billing.

The other portion of the solution must be a place where we can haul to; I think it is short sighted to not use a lined facility. I also believe this is a county-wide problem because the other towns have similar issues and I have been told that, with the aid of Google Earth, the DEQ has identified many of the rural unlicensed landfills, so I think as a county we need to get ahead of this problem.

That is the top-down version of our solid waste program here in Sundance. I think we can all agree that it is more than just picking up garbage.

Sincerely Yours, Paul Brooks

Dear Editor,

Save Your Medicare!

Recently, I was contacted by a female by phone who wanted to give me a back brace because I have back trouble; I said “no thanks” but she kept on that it was free and all she needed was my Medicare card information.

She went on to say that, after I gave her the information, I would receive the free back brace “very soon”. I explained that I am receiving proper treatment already for my problem; however, she continued to insist that the brace would still help. I finally just hung up.

People should NOT give their Medicare information to just anyone. They can sell that information to illegal aliens and there goes funding for legal Medicare claims.


Stan Dodson

Moorcroft, WY