Letters to the Editor – Dec. 22

I would like the public to know the latest blow that the Mayor of Sundance has thrown at Old Stoney.
The Museum District had approved a $100,000 Energy Lease application to be submitted to go toward new windows for the front of Old Stoney. All that needed to be done by the city was to have our mayor sign a cover sheet. This lease would have cost the city nothing. City council approved this action in the December meeting. On the 14th the Museum District was told that the mayor had changed his mind and he refused to sign the paper.
The reason – because I, Martha Keith, as a citizen of Sundance, asked the questions of what was going on with the city’s water, and why did they not have a licensed water operator. As a resident and mother using the Sundance water supply. Aren’t these valid questions? In the past, there has been diesel in our water and currently a water tank is sliding off the hill. Shouldn’t someone with knowledge and experience be keeping a close eye on our drinking water?
But even more importantly, when did a citizen become unable to question the policy or goings on of the city without fear of retribution? I have always thought it was appropriate and necessary in the representative government we have for the citizens to demand answers from their elected officials’ actions or lack thereof. Moreover, when did it become the Mayor’s express right to veto the Council’s decision because he has a personal grudge? He claims he must keep the town’s best interest at heart. His actions are much more telling than his words.
Am I wrong to express my concerns? Should I fear for my job next?
I am sorry – sorry that the petty actions by Mayor Brooks cost Old Stoney $100.000.
Martha Keith
A citizen refusing to be bullied
Member of the Old Stoney Committee

Letter to the Editor:
Remember the saying; this is the rest of the story? Well, this is it. Last week’s paper had the story about how the city was asked by Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to have our staff certified as waste water and water systems operators because we could no longer use John Kiplinger’s license for our water and sewer and waste operations since he moved to Arizona. DEQ said we would have until March next year to have our staff qualified and licensed. The council was told this at the meeting on December 1. Our Mayor also told us our staff was on their way to getting the licenses, which as of now they have, long before the March date. So there is not and was not a problem with someone watching over our water system!
I am told you will see a letter to the editor this week and may have already heard about Martha Keith’s claim to be a concerned citizen asking about this situation. (please be aware, the Old Stoney Committee nor the Museum District have anything to do with her letter, she sent us an email) This letter I saw did not say she had only asked a newspaper reporter, that she did not ask me or any other City Council Member, or come to a meeting, nor did she say she read the story in last week’s paper which fully explained the situation. She has every right to ask questions, but shouldn’t the right people be asked, not the media? By her accusations she has discredited me, the rest of the Council, our dedicated, hardworking, careful staff and our Mayor, who is doing his level best to keep our city functioning. Further, the Mayor polled the other City Council Members to get their opinion on not signing the application, due to this and previous concerns. He did not act on his own. I wondered if this had caused the loss of the city support for Old Stoney, but I have been assured this is not the case, at this point. The Heritage Association has worked toward this support for many years. We and the District Old Stoney Committee Members are so happy to have the Mayor there.
All I can hope for is that everyone will remain in support of our Mayor, Council, City Staff and Old Stoney, for reasons well stated by the Council (see last week’s newspaper article on the Council, page 6) when they voted (I abstained) to support the lease/loan application now lost by her actions. I and others have worked 14 years to get to this point and we can not let one person with a personal agenda end it all. I am sorry for the length of this, but need to say this so all will know what is happening.
Larry Goodson
Old Stoney Committee Member,
Crook County Museum District Director,
Sundance City Council,
Crook County Heritage Association President