Letters to the Editor – Dec. 20

Dear Editor,

In the December 13th edition of your paper I was interested by the editorial by Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Eitel making the case for an increase in two taxes. The sales tax on fuel and the vehicle registration fees (smooth way of not calling it a tax), and how beneficial it will be for us all. Included in this very detailed and concise editorial were statistics and percentages, all impressive. Also in support of this proposed tax increase was the mention of safety and commerce. My oh my how thoughtful and civic minded. And to increase our comfort with this plan the reassurance that the gas stations and others would not pass much of this increase on to the public, most likely not that is, due to competition and stuff. And the only other place the state could come up with these much needed funds would be to raid the “rainy day fund” which has barely enough to consider. Really?

The problem with these arguments are many, but how about just a couple of the big ones. All of the listed supporters of these tax increases have a vested interest in having the tax payer make things easier and better for them. Who is “Them”? Them being big business, organizations, which will profit from us, the individuals, the small business, paying to make them better off. Certainly municipal organizations include private citizens, but how many of the working class, not the bosses support this scheme? Another issue I have is the suggestion there is no other place to obtain these funds. This state is taking in enormous amounts of revenue from the oil, coal, gas industry; why not make some of that money available for this “dire” need? Some states actually let the citizens have a share of the resources taken from the earth, ever hear of Alaska? Or simply cut back on discretionary spending!

Maybe those that gain the most ought to pay the most, maybe higher registration fees on large trucks, maybe a higher tax on lodging and restaurants? And how’s this for a wild and crazy idea? Maybe our elected representatives ought to remember they represent us, not dictate to or decide for us. If it’s such a great idea a vote on it, you know “one them there referendums”! But likely campaign contributions speak louder than the concern for those on fixed incomes, the average citizen driving many miles to work, those who run small business, ranches, and farms. The support for this by any elected representative is only because they feel safe from being held accountable for their actions. We just had an election, they have been put back in office for another term, so they do this to us now, and plan on it being forgotten by the next election, it’s an old trick by politicians.

I think the idea of an across the board fuel tax increase, vehicle registration “fees” is wrong, and being pushed for reasons other than the “good” of the public.

Dave Craig

Go tell it on the mountain. In the mountains. Here in the Hills of NE Wyo., “Jesus Christ in born!”

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and whoever else is in hearing distance.

We need to tell it my/our whole life and hope depends on the telling and believing of that special birthday. Sing – “Christ the Lord is born today Hallelujah.” Then at Easter – “Christ the Lord is risen today Hallelujah.” Our whole reason for life, our existence and our future depends on this truth. Celebrate at Christmas, enjoy.

Hey! Family, friends, neighbors…

Love you guys!

Merry Christmas,

Norbert and Lilly Bankenbush

Dear Editor,

It is with profound grief I learned of the loss of life of so many in the latest shooting in Connecticut.

Many years ago when, I was a child of eight, my mother and step-father got into an argument and he shot my mother and one brother, thankfully both lived. I also remember my step-father trying to get into the bedroom where I and two sisters hid under the bed while my mother leaned against the door. I remember not only that night, but even after, I remember standing in the living room looking at a wall with my mother’s blood smeared all over it. An older brother had come home on emergency leave from the military and we came home to the house where this had all happened.

What happened that night was evil and the one who did this was my step-father. The alcohol did not pull the trigger. The gun did not pull its own trigger or go off accidently, it was a person! The step-father whom I loved chose to try to kill others. He has long since died, may God have mercy on his soul.

For those who say that with time there will come healing you are quite wrong, healing doesn’t happen, but in time you will learn you can’t live holding on to the past controlled by memories of the violence or you will never live in the present or be able to build a future and so you go on.

With this latest tragedy hopefully each of us will also learn, learn to remember the dignity and value of each life and that no one has the right to make the choice to take life away for all life is sacred, yours included.

Mrs. Roni Jaure