Letters to the Editor – Dec. 15

With heavy hearts we have decided to forgo the Christmas dinner this year. We have struggled through the year with our losses and have decided that we really need to be with our families for Christmas. We really would like to thank the whole community for the support and we will really miss all of you! We really hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

With all our love

The Sipes and Scribners


Crook County School District #1 is seeking input on a new system to improve the efficiency of our lunch lines. The district has not purchased this system. The information sent out on school reach and letters mailed to you were a bit premature. Crook County School District #1 apologizes for the communication breakdown and is seeking public comment before any final decisions are made.

This new system will offer a number of benefits, including:

• Quicker, more efficient lunch lines

• Elimination of lunch cards

• Elimination of charges to replace lost or stolen cards

• Increased privacy for students on subsidized food programs

• Works in conjunction with our existing PowerLunch software

This system DOES NOT connect to any outside organizations or permanently store images. Your child will simply scan his/her palm to move through the lunch line. The image of the palm is converted into a digital template to identify your child and his/her lunch information. The image of the palm does not remain in the system, just the template. The template is a series of random 1’s and 0’s and is fully encrypted and is not transferable. In effect, your child is identified in the same way that a keychain barcode recognizes you at your fitness center or grocery store.

In January each school will notify parents of the selected time and date where a public comment session will take place. If you have any questions please call your local school.

Teresa Brown

Curriculum Director CCSD #1


First let me say I do not know the details of the individual cases so I will reserve passing judgment on particular cases, but from my personal experience with the education system in this County (K-12 in Hulett) I am certain a very serious problem is festering in our schools.

For well over a decade an out of touch group of elites has commandeered our schools and our children’s education. Through nepotism and advancing their own personal agendas’ they have subverted the wishes of the parents, the education of the children and mistreated some of the most dedicated educators who have served our communities for decades.

These out of touch elites knowingly go to the deepest darkest most fearsome part of Hell and back to retain an untalented untenured teacher that has no ties to or vested interest in our community in the face of parents begging them to stop a talentless teacher from destroying their children’s futures as well as the futures of countless others. Yet at the first sign of trouble or if one of their elite “friends” needs a job this group will throw true educators under the bus who have served us by dedicating decades of their lives to us and our children.

We the people of the County should be ashamed that we have allowed these abuses to be carried out in our names by our school board and our administrators against ourselves, our children and our prized educators. The lack of a deafening roar of righteous indignation and swift reprisal by an overwhelming majority of those of us to whom these true educators have dedicated their entire lives has to be extremely disheartening. They were pivotal in shaping our lives and making us who we are and we cannot so much as raise a finger in their defense?

I only mention the following names that I know of to raise awareness and to illustrate this is likely a systematic problem that must be addressed. I personally have been educated by the first four and I can attest to their dedication. I only mention the final person because of the cloud surrounding the removal process.

Pat Rielly, Brian Kennah, Steve Colling, Cindy Klinger and the former Moorcroft Basketball Coach.

We must never forget we the parents of the local community have the greatest stake in the education process. Dominion over our children’s education should not be surrendered to bureaucrats in Washington or Cheyenne or even Sundance. The school board is a representative body of the people; the administrators are a necessary evil at best. Their abuses are too numerous to list in their entirety, but a final point I would like to make is that they nearly always prefer a transient teacher to local people who are qualified willing and able to teach.

In closing I would like to thank the many true educators who have had a profound positive impact on the community and I hope the people of this County can come together to select board members who respect the community, the people who serve us and the sacred responsibility they are entrusted with.

Otto Schlosser