Letters to the Editor – Dec. 13

We broke ground on our new transfer station and immediately hit rock. The site had been drilled to check for rock but the rock resided between the drill holes. It is going to drive the price up but it is all we can do.

The Land Use Planning Commission has introduced a new a new zoning and planning ordinance. This ordinance is a much needed update and also condenses and replaces at least five existing ordinances.

Burbach Aquatics has submitted the ground water mitigation plan to the Wyoming Department of Health for their review. Because we have lined the pool, ground water infiltration could damage or ruin the liner, so managing ground water makes sense.

We are holding off on the 21st Street improvements because the street design includes water and storm and sanitary sewer. We are in the middle of our Level 1 water study and are waiting for recommendations on what to do.

Kathy and I attended the Wyoming Business Council Meeting in Laramie to submit the Croell grant application. Mr. Croell was granted his request from the Business Council.

It appears we are close to an agreement on a new site for our failing water tank. It would be premature to announce any details but we are close.

The culvert replacement on Industrial Road is under way but will not be completed until spring.

The chlorinator building for the west well is about to go to bid. We have to chlorinate the water because we use the well year round and that is a requirement.

Saturday at the North East Leaders Meeting there was some discussion concerning the supplemental budget and Governor Mead’s continued support of local government. It appears the Governor will be getting some additional funding for us.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paul Brooks, Mayor

Regarding the article “War on Coal” by Travis Deti in last week’s paper, I must agree wholeheartedly. For anyone who doubts what President Obama’s real agenda is, let them recall his exact quote of “Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.” I think that sums up his administration’s agenda precisely. He is not concerned about OUR rates, OUR jobs, or OUR economy, but rather he is only interested in his greenie agenda and wasting taxpayer dollars with such shams as Solyndra and the like.

Unfortunately, the people have spoken and we’ll have to endure the war he has waged against us for another four years. Our only hope is for our Congress to resist and they can only do so if you make your voices heard.

Mac Frank