Letters to the Editor – Aug. 22

I had the pleasure of working for Tri-County (Powder River Energy) from July 1984 until January 1997. Much of my career as an electrical engineer was working for rural electric coops. I am familiar with capital credits.
Range Telephone, for the last 16.5 years, has demonstrated an unbelievable “virtue” uncommon in America today. Each time I receive a check from Range I am struck with awe. At a time when corporate America is stealing everything they can from anyone they can – Range is a singular reminder and assurance that “virtue” still exists in some corners of America. God bless you all and your employees.
Don Heinzen

—The first thing to report is that the swimming pool is doing better than last year. The lifeguards did a record amount of swimming lessons this year and that is very nice.
The Wyoming portion of the motorcycle rally seems to be much bigger than in years past and that is good for our sales tax revenue. The break down on sales tax goes as follows, the county receives and distributes to the county and towns based on population 1.3 cents of the first 4 cents and the entire 5th cent is distributed in the same fashion. The sixth cent is distributed to the town and the county until the projects this money is for designated are funded in full. The sixth cent is going away because we have received and spent one million dollars on infrastructure over the last several years.
We just finished the Congressional Aid Tour which was sponsored by the North East Wyoming Leadership Group of which we are a member and it was a huge success. Many of you have asked why we participate in this tour and the answer is two-fold. When the state does better, we all do better, and it gives local businesses the opportunity to interface with national leaders that affect their businesses. Here in Crook County, several businesses gave presentations including Powder River Energy, Neiman Enterprises, Strata Energy, and Rare Earth Resources. The schedule was hectic because of the motorcycle rally but a paid consultant said we needed an event like this to attract the aids. The presentations were also attended by our local legislators, interested citizens and various elected officials around the county.
The aids shared with me on the trip to Senator Driskill’s for the last event that Sundance had stolen the show. This speaks highly of our people because they had been in Sheridan, Campbell and Johnson counties before coming here. They were very impressed by the special burn out that Councilman Denzin arranged for them, the quality of the presentations, and the fact that we asked the Wyoming Highway Patrol to help us get across traffic with two busses and into the Driskill Ranch. They all said that in their states, you couldn’t do that with just a phone call. One of the aids is expecting and wanted a Harley Davidson onesie for her baby and Chuck at Deluxe Harley Davidson had a selection brought in from his other stores, a gesture that humbled all of them. It was just great.
That is all behind us and we need to get back to running our town.
Paul Brooks, Mayor