Letters to the Editor – Aug. 16

Last week Kathy and I traveled to Cheyenne to attend a SLIB (State Land Investment Board) board meeting. We recieved $226,000 for our Consensus projects, which you will recall are electronic water tank monitoring, fixing a drainage problem on south 21st Street, and repairing Industrial Road where our culvert is failing.

In addition to that money, we were also awarded $171,000 for trailers and a scale for our transfer station. We are being pressured by the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) to get our landfill closed so we must complete the transfer station, and scales and trailers are a part of that.

The town was also awarded $116,000 to add a chlorinator building to the west well. We are being forced to do this because we will be shutting the Cole well field down while moving the Cole Storage Tank and doing some rehabilitation work to our water transmission line from the Cole field to town.

We also met with WWDC (Wyoming Water Development Commission) about the Cole tank relocation. Our Geotech, Harold Hollingworth, wants the tank down in September because the Rattle Snake Hill location is becoming unstable and he will not guarantee it beyond that time. We need to move forward with the tank relocation so the town has adequate fire protection and we are having problems finding a new location so we were looking for some guidance.

Paul Brooks, Mayor

Dear Sir:

I think it would be nice to show some appreciation to our volunteer firefighters. It seems every other day I see the firefighters gathered at the Beulah Fire Station preparing to fight another wild fire.

Because of the thunder storm Tuesday morning they had to leave their jobs and fight more lightening caused fires in ninety degree temperatures.

These are volunteers. They do not get paid. They are risking their lives. I think all the firefighters should be honored for their hard work. I thought a barbecue dinner would be nice.

What can we do to thank them?


Linda Riggert