Letters to the Editor – April 26

Dear Editor,

Wilbur and I went to eat lunch at the Dog Pound after Church Sunday.

I was surprised to see one of my old third grade pen pals working there.

When Mrs. Green taught third grade she had a program of pen pals between her class and senior citizens. I enjoyed it so much and was so disappointed when she retired. The next teacher stopped the program. I guess handwritten, personal letters aren’t a priority anymore now they have computers.

Anyway, Caleb you’ve grown up to be a handsome guy. I’m allowed to say that since I’m your old pen pal!


Mary Ann Crawford

The Governor’s budget included $970,000 consensus type projects in Crook County so Kathy Lenz and I attended the meeting to where the money was divided. In order to qualify for the money, you must have a project that is engineered and then it must be presented to a board of Mayors and the County Commissioners.

We put three projects out for consideration. First was the Main Street storm sewer, a $125,000 project, which will help with drainage in the downtown area. Hopefully it will help with the ice build up on the south side of Main Street.

Second, is a project called Segment 3, Phase 1, of 21st Street, and it is a $150,000 project. This project is the first part of a nine part project that will include a looping water line, sewer addition, storm sewer, walking path, and completion of 21st Street.

The last project is a $65,000 dollar project to do electronic level monitoring of some of our higher water tanks. We currently drive to them every day to check the water level so by doing this, we will save several hours a week. These projects were all funded.

Kathy is currently working a grant to acquire walking bed trailers and a scale for the landfill. The construction of the transfer station is scheduled for this fall. I visited the Kaycee transfer station this past Saturday and hopefully we can learn items about their operation that will help us with ours.

The daycare now has sod and is awaiting fencing, and we have signed off on the Main Street alley project, the 1st Street walking path extension, and the West Street stream crossing.

The Council, Staff, and I are working on next year’s budget and we are about to finish that project. The town looks good and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Paul Brooks, Mayor

Wow! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the great response from our friends, neighbors and all the citizens in expressing your support. We appreciate your willingness to help stop the proposed Bakken pipe line until the State Geologist’s recommendation of a thorough geologic hazard assessment can be completed. Other well-known geologists have also advised that an extensive geological research study needs to be completed. It must be guaranteed that our water and the health and safety of the public are not at risk. Oneok has now informed us they plan at least one more pipe line carrying crude oil. It’s going to takes us all working together to get these pipe lines put on hold until all studies can be completed. This is our home and we do not need outsiders taking the chance of destroying our beautiful land, water and environment.

What can we do to help seems to be the question. If anyone would like to add their name in support of our letter to the editor last week, please email your consent to Dr. Crawford at crookcovet@gmail.com or stop by his office with your consent. You can also email your consent to Phyllis Watson at pwatson@rangeweb.net

EVERYONE, wanting to help make sure our special area is protected write, email the Governor or call his office at 1-307-777-7201 expressing your concerns and asking him to stop this pipe line until the proper geological studies can be completed. It is also very important to contact our Crook County Commissioners; James Hadley, Kelly Dennis and Jeanne Whalen telling them we want this pipe line to be put on hold. We also need to contact Senator Ogden Driskill and Representative Mark Semlek asking for their help.

Thank You for your support, now let’s get this pipe line stopped before it’s too late.

Doug Watson

Les Turgeon