Letters to the Editor – April 25

To Editor,

I would like to remind everyone who got notices of value for property taxes to check and make sure they are correct. After May 6 you are stuck with what you got. You must contact the Assessor and if an agreement is not reached it can be appealed to the county board of equalization, then to the state if necessary. These values are pretty much set by the state. Local control of this is virtually gone.

I will be getting an appointment, because many of mine are incorrect or drastically raised. I will pursue it if necessary. I am currently under written threat from the State Dept. of Revenue. They are not fond of me and I hope they read this. That department is obviously filled with entrenched bureaucrats. A good plan would be to contact the governor and our elected representatives. What they are doing with property values is a sly back door approach to raise property taxes. I must repeat – local control is virtually gone. Thank you.

Kelly Dennis

Letter to the Editor:

After reading Representative Semlek’s article regarding the effects of “sequestration” in last week’s Times, I think it is important for readers to understand one thing: There were NO overall cuts to spending due to “sequestration”. None. The overall Federal spending in 2013 will be GREATER than the spending in 2012.

All they “cut” was a small part of future planned increases. This is like expecting to get a 12% raise next year, getting only a 7% raise, and calling it a “5% cut”. Smoke and mirrors.

And any hardships causes by these “cuts” is purely at the direction of the Obama Administration. So far he seems intent upon causing the most hardship and publicity by planning to cut air traffic controllers and the like rather than his ever expanding social programs. The crisis is firmly rooted in his agenda.

Mac Frank