Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

On the issue of same-sex “marriage”, I have noticed considerable confusion across the political spectrum. Progressives tend to favor it, based on their conception of fairness; however, a common opinion seems to be: “What possible harm can it do to me and my family?” For those Americans to whom religious liberty means nothing, the answer may appear to be: “None.” However, for those who support the United States Constitution and the tenets of freedom of speech and religious expression, the answer is a resounding “Plenty”!

Here are some examples: entrepreneurs such as landlords, bed and breakfast owners, wedding planners and photographers. If these business owners try to invoke their First Amendment rights, they can be and have been sued for discrimination. Then there are churches (one would have hoped all) whose faith code prohibits such unions. They too are vulnerable to lawsuits and loss of tax-exempt status, and there are plenty of activists salivating at the opportunity to damage traditional institutions and conservative businesses through the courts. Homosexual activists cheerfully admit that their agenda is on a collision course with religious freedom, and they don’t care.

In a similar vein, religious institutions such as Catholic hospitals and universities are now faced with a mandate to provide contraceptives and sterilization as part of any healthcare package for their employees. This is an outrage and a total disregard for the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion.

This nation needs a lively debate on these critical issues, but how can we have a spirited debate when most of the electorate is confused and asleep at the switch? Wake up, America! Study your Constitution and be vigilant as to what your Congress is passing in your name and what the current Administration is doing that you don’t agree with. Nations die of suicide when the citizenry is self-absorbed and apathetic.

Sheila Leach
Cody, WY