Letter to the Editor – Sept. 6

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the front page story from your paper on July 19, 2018. The name of the story is “Calling for names.” I quote the part of the first “If you or anyone you know is a local veteran who served during and armed conflict and do have a name listed on Crook County War Memorial…” I followed the instructions listed in the story.

I am a “Disabled Vietnam Veteran” who for the past 25 years has made Sundance my home. I married into a pioneer family. I married into the Mauch family. The Mauch family moved to Sundance in 1886.

With this information above I want to look at one word in your story. That one word is local. Local is not defined in your story. It just states local veteran.

In the Casper Star Tribune under the heading “They Served With Honor, Wyoming Vietnam Veteran Tell Their Stories” my story was published under the title “Corporal Edward Kinsall of Sundance.” My story along with 204 other Wyoming veterans was published in book form titled “They Served With Honor, Stories From Wyoming Veterans.”

Today, August 29, 2018, I received a letter from the Crook County War Memorial Committee stating my name would not be put on the Wall because first I did not grow up here in Sundance. Secondly my DD214 shows I enlisted Kansas City, MO.

As I stated earlier, I have lived here in Sundance for 25 years. Yet it has been implied I and all other veterans from other states are not worthy to be placed on the War Memorial.

In closing I feel as a Vietnam Veteran I have been insulted just because I am from another state all because of the word local. If I am not a local from Sundance then what am I?

Ed Kinsall