Letter to the Editor – Sept. 5

The past couple of weeks have been good for the City. First, we were visited by Wyoming State Auditor Cynthia Cloud. She was here for a land trade hearing in Hulett but took the time to stop and visit us. We are in uncharted waters here in Wyoming as far as a small town receiving grant money. She seemed to be impressed by what we are doing.
We awarded the bid on the Croell project to Powder River Construction of Gillette. The dirt work has been subcontracted to D.R.M. of Gillette and should start soon. This will be good for Sundance as Croell’s must guarantee additional jobs in Sundance to receive the money.
The council gave me permission to sign an agreement with Janet Lake to place the Cole water tank on her property. This is a great thing because we can get our tank back on line. The reason this is important is that this tank feeds our other tanks and gives us water for fire protection. Fire protection is important for the obvious reasons and because there is a rating system that is in place that determines our home owners insurance premiums. This is called the towns OSI rating.
We met with the final land owner to get an easement which is necessary for the 21st Street water line to proceed. We hope to go to bid this spring on this project.
Bob Queen is working on spraying noxious weeds around town. It seems that we are being overrun by weeds right now. The public works boys are busy installing some SCADA equipment, doing road patching, fence building, and preparing to do additional water meter change out.
Mayor Paul Brooks