Letter to the Editor – Sept. 26

The most important thing happening in our community is that we once again had some bad water samples. Wyoming Rural Water sent us a circuit rider named Ross Jorgensen to help us get our arms around the problem and it appears we have. I want to stress that public health was not in jeopardy. We did formulate a plan to implement a boil order but that was unnecessary. Second, in the discussion about the Level One Water Study, the language talks about our water system model. What we learned is that a solid working model would have helped us identify the source of the problem and treat it more quickly. Our model doesn’t work because the Rattlesnake Hill tank is still off-line so the Public Works Crew did a lot of leg work.
The Rattlesnake Hill tank is still a bone of contention with the State. We have most of the money necessary to relocate the tank but the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) is withholding funding based on the Attorney General giving them (WWDC) permission seek damages from the geo-technical firm that said the Rattlesnake Hill location was stable. All that being said, I want to move forward with the site and go back to the next committee meeting for tank erection money.
The other thing you will notice is the top soil striping will begin this week on the Croell Project. The contractors want to do the water, sewer and streets this fall, with final paving happening in the spring.
Paul Brooks, Mayor