Letter to the Editor – Sept. 21

I am writing this letter to the editor to correct an unintentional misprint in a news article of my comments at the county commissioners meeting regarding the project to shale portions of the Little Missouri Road. The misprint was the result of some confusion which made it appear as if I was a miracle worker that could complete the project at 1/10th of the cost estimated by the county. I know how to plan, estimate, make deals and execute projects, but I am not that amazing. I am willing to do far more than my fair share, because having a road to get in and out is not just necessary for ordinary travel it is a matter of public safety. When a passenger vehicle or truck gets stuck it is typically just an inconvenience, but if an ambulance hauling a person to the hospital were to get stuck it could be a matter of life or death. As some may not be aware and others may have forgotten one of our neighbors died on the Little Missouri Road and it was a direct result of maintenance issues. I am not going to stand by and let something like that happen again especially when we can do something about it. I appreciate everyone being willing to work together toward this shared goal. The $4,000 estimate I gave was not for the entire project as the misprint seemed to indicate. It was just for the 4/10ths of a mile of road between Road #4 (our private driveway) and Government Canyon Road, which is very well maintained by the county and as such is our all weather access to the highway. The estimate I gave assumed my donation of approximately $4,000 of heavy equipment work and trucking with our equipment. The $4,000 request I made of the county was to hire the additional trucks necessary to haul the shale. I even offered to pay for that if money was not available in the budget. The reason I discussed this part of the road separately and am willing to donate so much for this short section is that without this piece of road our 9 mile private driveway we have improved and maintain at our expense dead ends at the impassable Little Missouri Road and we are unable to leave our property. We cannot afford to wait if the larger project, which this section is part of, gets delayed. Concerning the remainder of the Little Missouri Road I did detail which sections of the road needed shale and the lengths and yards of shale required for each section. The county provided the cost estimate of $40,000 to $50,000 to haul the shale. I secured the donation of the shale (value of $18,500) for the project from American Colloid and was able to attain a commitment from Halliburton to split the estimated hauling cost with the county. To attain these donations from the respective companies I personally committed to donating the equipment work at the shale pit which if hired at market rates would be approximately $10,000. I appreciate everyone’s help and look forward to having a good road again.


Otto Schlosser


Editor’s Note: We acknowledge that an error was made in this article. We failed to make clear that this project focuses on a single section of the road, while the management plan proposed by the County Commissioners will address Little Missouri Rd as a whole. We apologize for the error.