Letter to the Editor – Sept. 20

Dear Editor,
Once again the lefties in Jackson Hole are complaining about the United States deporting illegal aliens. I refer to the article “Jackson man can’t return to country” in the September 7 issue of the Times. He’s been an illegal alien during all the time he’s been in our country, suspected of disgusting crimes, and now deported back to Mexico. I’m not surprised by the usual Trump bashing in the article which came from the Jackson Hole News & Guide. His attorney whines, “Hinckley (the judge) dismissed the case, giving Hernandez and his family and friends hope that he could come home.” He IS home, in Mexico, where he is a citizen, not here where he was not a citizen nor even a legal resident. Note to Jackson residents: This is OUR country and we make the rules about who is allowed in, not the other way around.
Mac Frank