Letter to the Editor – Sept. 17

Fire season is not over yet

Crook County has a tremendous Volunteer Fire Department and they have been busy this summer, with 52 fires far, quickly putting the small fires out before they get unmanageable, but they need your help. Our volunteers are willing to leave their jobs and families to travel throughout the county and put fires out, but we must have a responsible party show up and watch those fires after the firefighters get them controlled. The volunteers need to get back to their own duties, and should not have to wait for a landowner who may or may not show up to relieve them. We understand that Crook County has a lot of absentee landowners, or people who are physically unable to fight fires on their place so we are asking you as the property owner to have a contact number for your lease holder, or a neighbor who can step in for you and help out. Please have someone who can show us the way in to your property, be able to unlock your gates, and be able to stay and tend the fire when we are through.

Thank you,

Crook County Fire Advisory Board

Gari Gill, Crook County Fire Warden