Letter to the Editor – Oct. 4

Dear Editor:
Now that this year’s Winter Fest is coming up I would like to make a suggestion to the city council in hopes that they will seriously consider the suggestion.
First of all, I would like to applaud those who are trying to bring new festivities into town. I am not against the Winter Fest; I enjoyed the first one I went to. What I am against is the mess downtown. It gets larger each year, which is great; however, with more street closures one has to guess about how they’re going to get to where they have to go.
When the snow is piled up at the intersections prior to the event it’s very hard to see if there is any oncoming traffic. And, the parking downtown leaves something to be desired.
My suggestion is to move the Winter Fest down to the Fairgrounds and get it off Main Street. Hopefully there is enough time before this year’s festival to start working with the Fair Board to see if they would approve it.
The snow could be piled up there instead of at intersections on Main Street. There are some businesses which are negatively affected by the mess and some which are not. With our growing senior population the hardship with the mess on Main Street would be gone if it were moved.
By having it moved to the fairgrounds, it may even save the city employees some time. I know they work fast and furious to get Main Street set up and cleared.
Taking all of the above into consideration, I feel strongly that by moving the Winter Fest to the fairgrounds it would solve some problems for some businesses and a lot for the public.
Sheila Christoph