Letter to the Editor – Nov. 3

Hulett High School was going down the path of getting an All-Weather Track for their K-12 School. They had meetings and developed a design and plan for the construction, which was slated to occur in the summer of 2016. Funds were secured and placed aside for this great asset. This was going to be an amazing opportunity to get more kids excited about Track and Field in Hulett. There has been a history in Hulett of great athletes whom have won State Championships and continued their careers at the collegiate level. Acquiring a new track would renew the appeal of Track and Field. Coaches and athletes were excited, Hulett High School Alumni was ready to support for this great cause. Until…

Operations were ceased, construction never began, due to some random reasons I am unsure of. Now Sundance High School gets the All-Weather Track and new Football Field to a combined-town team who already has a field in Upton.

The schools in the county should have equal opportunity. If one school, in this case Hulett, does the work and finds the money to build an All-Weather Track then they should be allowed to construct such a structure. Hulett has a gravel track and a site immediately ready for construction, whereas, Sundance has to create a level surface and do far more work to be ready for a track. In my opinion let the small school get the benefit and show equal support to Crook County Schools. Deferring to the more populated school in the county with new amenities and facilities deters students in the less populated school to go out for sports. Why put the time and effort in to a sport when facilities sought for are taken away? Sundance can start with a gravel track and raise funds to eventually get an All-Weather Track. Give the students in Hulett High School an opportunity to be proud of what they have, let them get the All-Weather Track they put the effort in to designing and securing.

Callie Ackerman