Letter to the Editor – Nov. 17

There is a lot going on at the City of Sundance. Larry and his guys are busy landscaping at the new Daycare. They recently tested a new air compressor and winterized the parks and all of the restrooms. We do not have the money to purchase it, but will need one soon. They have also installed some new storm sewer across from the bank drive though, as well as their normal routine.
Kathy and the office girls are busy trying to get the new water tank replaced. We need that tank for a couple of reasons; Number one, fire-fighting and number two, reducing the load on the pumps. We are working with Wyoming Water Development, FEMA, State Land Investment Board (SLIB), and our lawyer Mark Hughes on the tank. The challenge is to get all of these people and agencies on the same page.
I was recently appointed to the board of the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) to represent small towns in our state. With Kathy’s involvement in the water tank and my involvement in WAM, we are becoming well-known in Cheyenne. This should help us obtain funding for future projects.
As most of you have noticed, the alley downtown is nearly complete and the sidewalk to the park is underway. The West Street stream-crossing will be completed in the next week, and the crack seal and paving has been complete for a couple of weeks.
There was a recent question about the garbage rate. The garbage rate was set by a professional rate study, and includes items such the cost of picking up garbage, truck and container replacement, the cost of our new transfer station, monitoring the current landfill, water testing at the current landfill, and the largest expense, closing the current landfill. There are towns that decided to contract out there garbage pickup, they are now perplexed with the cost of closing their landfill, and have no way to pay for it.
The City Council and myself are back to attending the Northeast Wyoming Municipal Group meetings which is a group of mayors and councilpersons from Sundance to Dayton to Douglas to Montana. We meet monthly for the purpose of training and sharing ideas.
It has been a busy fall but our town looks great going into winter.
Paul Brooks, Mayor