Letter to the Editor – Nov. 17


We are starting a user pay system our county roads.

Let us look at history…

Crook County, established in 1885.

Our ranch in 1886

To live here, we need to harvest grass with livestock. We and our neighbors fenced our land to control the livestock. Roads were established between ranches and towns. Gates were installed at fences—all our ranch roads still have gates; we can easily move livestock through gates and the fence is then closed.

Cars began using roads and did not appreciate opening and closing gates. A device known as a ‘car gate’ appeared, allowing cars to pass through fences. It is still necessary to have a gate beside a car gate for livestock. A car gate is solely for the benefit of cars and has no benefit to livestock.

To tax the users of a car gate, we should have a car tax…not a livestock tax.


Robert Hadley