Letter to the Editor – Nov. 15

I attended the Principal’s Advisory Committee Meeting on Monday, November 5 and wanted to express my appreciation for the communication from the school to the parents. It was exciting to learn about the things happening at the school and how we, as parents, can partner with the school to aid our children’s education. I appreciate Mark Broderson for organizing the meetings, encouraging an open dialog and being willing to listen and act on our concerns and ideas.

Some of the topics covered in Mr. Broderson’s informational PowerPoint were that our school district was reviewed by the North Central Association and the exit interview indicated that the district would be recommended for accreditation again. For this school year the students are engaging in a project called the “Code of the West.” This program teaches the students to learn such concepts as: “Live each day with courage,” “Take pride in your work,” “Ride for the brand,” and “Remember that some things aren’t for sale,” just to name a few. The school had a well-represented Junior High Halloween dance and is considering a Thanksgiving dance. Chaperones are always needed and appreciated.

I was also excited to learn about how the school is incorporating community members in the learning process. In separate projects, the students were able to build fifes and learn forestry techniques with the help of people in the community who donated some of their time to instruct the students. I would like to encourage other community members who might have a special skill or talent and would be willing to share these with the students to contact our Crook County Schools and inquire as to how they can supplement the dedicated work that the teachers and staff do each day to educate our children.

At the end of the meeting we had a great discussion about how to engage the community and the parents with the school. We discussed ways to promote school spirit and activities parents and community members can volunteer to help with throughout the year. For those of us new to the area, it was exciting to find a way that we can help out and become a part of the community around us.

I would encourage anyone interested in the education of our children and the role that the school system plays in our community to come to the next meeting. It will be held in the beginning of December at the high school auditorium and all interested community members, teachers, and coaches are invited to contribute to the discussion of a school wide booster club effort.

I appreciate all of the educators for their commitment to this community and our children.

Jonathan Tinsley