Letter to the Editor – Nov. 10

I usually try to have a pretty positive attitude about most things but the city bill is pretty hard to be positive about. I didn’t just realize this for the first time, I just didn’t feel the time was right to say something.
When I pay the monthly bills, I know in most cases what I am paying for or what I am getting for my money. I always check the tapes before I leave a store and on the very few cases that I have been overcharged, the business has always been very cordial about making the correction. This is usually because a sale item didn’t get put in the scanner. Honest Mistake.
Our city bill varies depending on the amount of water we use. Our bill this month is itemized as follows. Water – $12.46. We bathe, cook, wash dishes, do laundry and occasionally I scrub the floor and water my plants. We have control over the amount of water we use. $12.46 is reasonable.
Sewer – $5.91. As we have no way to get rid of household waste, we appreciate the system and this price seems reasonable.
Recycle is $4.35. We are OK with the cost because we realize the need to recycle.
The portion of the bill that does not calculate is the garbage. I know some felt the need for the new truck and the big ugly dumpsters in our back yard. We bring this dumpster home after each strong wind. Our garbage cans in the rack never blew away. There are TWO of us living in our home { the family has grown and are off living lives}. Since we started recycling, we have ONE 13gal. size bag of garbage on an average week. If we have company, there may be TWO bags.
I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I am not that bad at math. I wish someone at city hall would figure out how this balances out for the average household.
Do businesses that have much more garbage than most homes, pay the same price? I’m sure these figures were made public in the Newspaper but I either forgot or missed it. Maybe they could be published again. If I get an explanation that makes sense, I can live with that.
Peggy Symonds