Letter to the Editor – May 8


There was a deliberate, orchestrated attempt by some of the state party leadership to stifle free and open debate on “public censure” at the recent State Republican Convention. This was absolutely appalling! As I see it, this was nothing more than a Wyoming version of “Chicago-style” politics.

Citizens should have the right to express their opinion on any issue and/or of any elected official without fear of reprisal.

So to those within the Republican Leadership who participated in attempting to keep “public censure” from open debate, shame on you! You sought to deprive fellow Republicans of a basic freedom – to voice their opinion. Such actions are unethical and downright wrong.

To those who fought to bring “public censure” up for discussion, Great work! You fought, and it’s my understanding it was a fight all along the way, to have your voice heard. God bless you!

Folks, keep in mind that free and open debate, without fear of reprisal, is the third most important freedom. Right to Life is first. The Right to protect that life (2nd Amendment) is second. Free and open debate is third. Truth can set us free. Debate helps us find the truth.

More and more we’re seeing attempts to stifle open debate whether it be government over-reach and intrusion (think IRS targeting) or social issues like abortion, religion or “gay” issues, you name it. “Tolerance” (which is actually very intolerant in reality) and “political correctness” are the very enemies of freedom because these are used to silence any opposition. And it’s just as wrong when a political party seeks to prevent open debate on any controversial issue.

Perhaps it’s time for those who use their position in party or elected office to consolidate their power base and/or to humiliate/silence opponents to be put out to pasture.

I would encourage Republican voters to think long and hard about who they want to represent them even within party ranks and vote only for those individuals who truly stand for freedom – especially free and open debate.

Troy Mader