Letter to the Editor – May 23

Last week, I asked all of you to conserve water and now I will explain why. The town has two sources of water, the Cole Well Field to the East and the West Well. Separate water sources give us protection from a catastrophic event. In other words, if the Cole Field goes down, we have water coming from the west and vice-versa.
Last week our Geologist Harold Hollingsworth visited the Cole Water Storage tank and told us to drain it immediately because it was starting to move rapidly. That forced us to shut down the Cole Well Field because of a water hammer issue that exists out there. The West Well was off-line because we were adding chlorination leaving us in a tight spot. Our men made a quick trip to Casper obtaining the parts necessary to fix the water hammer but we had to run on our water storage for a short time. We will still be short of water until the Cole storage tank is relocated to a new site.
The concrete at the transfer station is complete and the building will be going up shortly. I am not sure what will happen to us in the future as the state changed the formula on landfill closing fees and our contribution went from $3,800 a year to $370,000 a year which is a fee that we cannot afford to pay.
We need to implement composting in our quest to reduce the pounds of garbage that we produce but in preparing the budget, we could not move forward with the money needed for yard waste bins. We will try again next year.
The West Well chlorinator building in nearing completion but we have a ways to go. Hopefully we will have it on line in time for summer watering.
The County assisted us in repairing the culvert on Industrial Road which left us with some money in the grant we received for this repair. I am asking the other cities and the County to allow us to move the extra grant money to the transfer station were we have cost overruns.
We have grant money allocated to 21st Street and I have asked Tri-Hydro to look at a section of water line because we need it in before final grading and pavement can be done.
We are also looking at a walking path extension from the park going west but it is only in the preliminary stages.
Two things worth noting are that Wyoming revenues are better than expected, led by the returns on the permanent mineral trust fund and not mineral sales. The other thing is the federal government took Wyoming’s abandoned mile land money and now they are attempting to take our mineral royalty money; this would be a huge hit to the state.
With the drought continuing, I ask all of you to do a cleanup and try to limit the amount of mosquito habitat by removing debris and cutting grass and weeds. West Nile Virus is carried by the Egyptian Mosquito which is a dry weather pest.
Paul Brooks, Mayor