Letter to the Editor – May 2


I would like to respond to the article on the city co-funding a building inspector. I could not believe when I read in the article that the county thinks that they do not have a need for a building inspector at this time. The county is in more of a need for a building inspector than the city is at this time. There is more building going on in the county than in the city and even though we have some of the best contractors around, there are some fly-by-nights coming into the county from out of state because they do not have to be a licensed contractor, they do not have to carry bonding or insurance, they come in do their shoddy work and then leave. We have some so-called handymen coming in running around doing work that they are not licensed or trained to do but they have no worries because there is no one to answer to. I do believe that a homeowner should have the right to work on their own places however there are some that try to do things that they have no idea on what or how to do it and the only one that will be hurt from this is the unfortunate one that buys their handy work. There are building codes that should be followed and yes some of the contractors know these codes and follow them, however not all contractors will follow these codes because they do not have to. I do feel that we have a great need for a building inspector in the city and most definitely in the county.

Buck Bock