Letter to the Editor – May 17

Spring is here and the city is bustling. Robert Snoozy and Bob Queen have been hired to mow our grass. We are getting a late start but I am sure they can catch up.
Larry Shommer and Kathy Lenz are in Cheyenne working with Wyoming Water Development on engineer selection for our level one study. This study will look at our entire water system and point out its short comings so we can plan for the future. If you recall, we were awarded $165,000 to facilitate this study. Tri-Hydro has started looking at the Cole storage tank relocation and hopefully we will get it moved and back on-line this summer.
We are negotiating a land trade with the Crook County School District so we can own the real estate under the pool. We don’t qualify for additional grant money because we don’t own the underlying real estate. The guys are re-plumbing the pool and installing some umbrellas for shade. We are hoping to open by June 1. Our public works guys have also been installing the fence at the new daycare, working on the baseball diamonds, in addition to their normal work.
We are looking for a sewer leak in the one hundred block of Cleveland where sink holes have started to appear. There is a major line there and we think it is leaking.
We have had several meetings about the transfer station at the landfill and hope to begin construction this fall. However, there are many things that must happen first such as a place to go with our waste, trailers for hauling waste, a scale, whether we will haul the trailer or contract it out, etc.
The main culvert on Industrial Road is caving in so we had to go back to the Consensus Board and pull the downtown storm sewer project so we could fund the repair of Industrial Road.
Chief Fritz and I are discussing adding police protection for the week the Hell’s Angel Motorcycle Convention is in Spearfish. We have been in touch with other communities who are prepared to lend us a hand.
We received word yesterday the Rare Earth Mine will fall under Industrial Siting which means there will be some impact money for Sundance.
Paul Brooks, Mayor