Letter to the Editor – March 7

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you as part of a class project on the travel diary A Walk Across America. My classmates and I are sending letters to newspapers in an effort to stimulate responses from newspapers in a chosen state. In my case, Wyoming was that state.

In previous years, members of my family have contacted your state with excellent response. All I request is that you publish my letter in The Sundance Times. I would like your readers to write me and tell me why they like living in your state. I understand that not everyone has a fantastic story to tell, but the more the merrier! If they could also include the page of The Sundance Times where they saw my letter, I would greatly appreciate it.

I want to thank you for your time and assistance with this project. I look forward to hearing from your readers and learning more about the state of Wyoming. If you have any questions please contact my teacher’s email at aweisser@queenofpeace.cc


Josef Martin

Queen of Peace Catholic School

4508 Vistula Road

Mishawaka, IN 46544