Letter to the Editor – March 21

Dear Editor,
The economy of Wyoming.
The last 50 years Wyoming has become more than a western state to entertain the tourists that come to enjoy our great and beautiful scenery and travel our exciting mountain trails where deer, elk and sheep roam. After they travel our great highways, many of them desire to make our state their home.
Many of our small towns they visited the last 50 years have become thriving cities, one room schools have become elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.
Wyoming has had the privilege to see every county in the state grow in population. The natives of the state no longer hear vain words, such as “there is nothing but barren and desolate land and no trees.”
Wyoming has oil, coal, natural gas, lakes of water, cities, houses and employment. We now should be concerned as patrons that our governor, legislators, commissions, and city officials would always be alert and not let our economy die.
Even though Wyoming has, in the last 50 years, become one energy state with the discovery of oil, gas and coal in the world production, there are other opportunities to keep our economy strong. Our state is blessed with wide open territories that could be a service to bring people into our state and restore local employment. Our own Crook County has an opportunity to provide employment for families by giving permission to a construction firms to build a pipeline through the west edge of the county. The pipeline would transmit oil from the North Dakota oil field that produces 7,000,000 barrels of oil a day to Mexico.
It is being held up because the so-called powers of the E.P.A. Crook County has plenty of places for people to live, because high gasoline and fuel prices, families have moved to adjourning counties to live where they had employment. Crook County needs employment for families, individuals, local business and patrons need to press our elected officials to get involved and help our county to grow.
Wyoming and Crook County, I am sure, appreciate a few things the federal government does for them but they do not need to be controlled by rules and regulations of the E.P.A. Let Crook County take care of their own grasslands that all the wild game and species will still be safe. This is the liberty that God has given to us by the dedication of the fathers of our constitution.
Robert Smoot