Letter to the Editor – March 14

Dear Editor,
I am concerned about the health and safety of our community members, most specifically the ones who walk along the path by the creek. Is public urination acceptable? Even for children walking to school?
I work at the children’s center on 5th street and our dining room window faces the creek and public walking path. I often watch from this window in the mornings watching for the school bus that transports our early drop off school children. On Friday, March 8, as I was watching for the school bus, I noticed two young gentlemen walking to school. It seemed to be taking a bit longer than usual for them to walk the few feet from the large tree near 5th street and our shed. As they emerged from behind the shed, one gentleman was urinating, as he walked, into the bushes and creek.
Children arrive at the center at 7 a.m. in the morning and like to watch out the window and view the world around them. I quite frankly, don’t think they need to look out the window onto the public walking path and see a boy peeing into the creek as they walk to school. Not only is it a bad example for the younger children who may be watching, but it is unhealthy and dangerous for those people who enjoy walking along the path.
So maybe our young gentlemen can use the bathroom before they leave their home or wait the few hundred yards and go when they get to school?
Shannon Weaver