Letter to the Editor – Mar. 1

Dear Editor,

Once again our bureaucrats are for the status quo in spending regardless of the new reality of less tax revenue. Tax and spend is alive and well in the Cowboy State.

I am speaking specifically of the statements made by Kirby Eisenhauer, the Campbell County School District’s associate superintendent, in the February 16 edition of The Times.

Mr. Eisenhauer seems outraged that we should spend no more than 110 percent of our surrounding states, as proposed by Senator Driskill. What a travesty to spend the same as every neighboring state!

Seems pretty reasonable to me and everyone I’ve spoken to. The only measure he seems in favor of is Timothy Hallinan’s measure “because it includes an additional revenue source.” That’s code for “more taxes.”

There’s never been any correlation between per capita student spending and achievement. None.

Spending more does not equate to better educated students. Look at your property tax bill and see how much already goes to our schools at the state and county level. The great majority does.

It’s always tough to tighten one’s belt, but the citizens of Wyoming have done just that for several years. Now it’s time for the government to follow suit.

Mac Frank