Letter to the Editor – June 7

Dear Editor,

In August of 2017 there was an article in this paper in which Sheryl Klocker of the Crook County Solid Waste Joint Powers Board explained “that an efficient solid waste district would require two to three times as much tonnage as Crook County produces.” The discussion about building a landfill should have ended there and we should have pursued reasonable alternatives.

Instead we are now being asked to agree to a tax increase to do something that the board who explored this issue has already told us makes no sense. Were it not so serious and frustrating it would be comical.

The only sensible option is to privatize the garbage business. Government is at best a necessary evil; the heavy hand of government is best reserved for services that the private sector cannot provide and solid waste disposal does not fall in that category.

In Wyoming, we should seek to be less like Europe and Bernie Sanders and more like our Founders. We should privatize rather than socialize.

This is an issue of subsidiarity and limited government. Let the people and private companies work together via the Free Market to find the best solution.

We all know enough about dealing with business and government that if given the choice it is more economical to contract with a private business for a service. A private company can charge the going rate just like we do for most of the other services in our life.

They might charge per month, per house, by the pound, or a lower disposal rate for recyclables or they might credit you for the recyclables. Maybe the private garbage company will permit and build a landfill or more likely they will haul the garbage to other landfills.

I don’t know, but I do know that the private sector will provide a better more economical solution than the government. You can give the government a dollar for a service that costs 50 cents or you can give a private company 50 cents yourself.

The power to limit government resides with the people. We claim to be conservatives. This is an opportunity to show it.

Please let your elected officials know how you feel about this issue before we are burdened with yet another unnecessary tax.

Otto D. Schlosser