Letter to the Editor – June 27

The city received a huge compliment from the State Historical Society. They made a point to inform the city that we are the “cleanest town they have ever met in.” I think we can all take pride in that.
The road from Industrial Road to Green Mountain Cemetery has had some improvements, but is a long way from complete. We have some money left in that grant and will make improvements until the money is gone.
J.W. Services has completed the manhole for ground water mitigation at the pool. If you recall, we needed this to preserve the pool liner. There is still some money left in the grant and we will use it for additional pool improvements. The pool almost broke even last year and by all accounts, we are doing well this year.
The Cole Water Storage Tank has been dissembled and stored. It is a top priority to have it re-deployed because we need the storage for fire protection and to have the rest of the water system function correctly.
We have added two pieces of sewer line to the public sewer because there were failing septic tanks in the corporate limits. The first was in the three hundred block of Alden Street. The other was for the county at the old Weed and Pest Building.
The walk-through for the west well chlorinator building is scheduled for this week. We are using the west well but we need to chlorinate the west well to be in compliance with water rules.
This week we will be meeting with several people concerning electronic water monitoring. We currently spend several hours a week driving to our system elements to check them. This electronic system will save us that time and notify us 24 hours a day, seven days a week should a problem arise.
We had 21st Street surveyed so we could start the improvements there. I have gone back and forth but the most efficient thing to do is the water. It will be deeper than the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and the pavement so it needs to go in first.
The transfer station is going up and you can easily see it if you look at the Landfill. I recently spoke with the head of the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) and he commended us on moving forward on our transfer station because now many communities are starting theirs and there is not near enough money to go around. The next step in the landfill is to purchase dumpsters for yard waste because if we are paying by the pound to bury garbage we need to reduce those pounds by composting. At some point we need to look at composting in detail. The other thing we need to do is get our local convenience stores engaged and install recycling containers for their customers.
Toby Shamion has joined our office staff and I am glad we have her. Bob Queen and Keith Fowler are doing our mowing and it appears they are finally getting caught up after the rains this spring.
The city crews have many projects to do but one of the nicer ones is uncovering the old stone curb on Third Street. I think everyone should look at the work they have done as it is beautiful. This is another project that will be completed as money become available.
The other thing that we are working on is a list of projects for which we should seek funding. The grant money we are working with runs out July 1, 2014, so we need to spend what we have and seek additional funds for additional projects going forward.
Paul Brooks, Mayor