Letter to the Editor – June 22

After reading “City supports Tower traffic light project” in the June 15th edition of the Times, I wonder what business it is of the Sundance Government to insert itself into the traffic situation far removed from their limited jurisdiction. It’s not their business, rather it’s OUR business, the people who live out here and frequently go through these areas on a daily basis. We don’t need permanent traffic lights in this county. The temporary ones at rally time are just fine, thank you very much. Does anyone here really believe WDOT’s statement that the lights would be deactivated at all other times of the year? Really? Once they are installed and paid for how long before they say, “We might as well utilize these lights since they are already installed! It saves the cost of putting them up and down every year!”

Paying for temporary lights year by year keeps WDOT honest. Only rent them as needed. When was the last time you heard a bureaucrat say, “It will pay for itself in five years” and actually had it come true? This will be nothing but a net slow down in the traffic flow out here.

Mac Frank

Devils Tower