Letter to the Editor – July 4

Dear Editor,
Although I no longer live in Sundance (I did for 34 years), I still get The Sundance Times. After reading the article about the “speeding ticket” in the June 13 issue, I got a bit disgusted.
First of all, I think the officer who issued the ticket had every reason to do so! Secondly, I don’t understand why the state employee thinks that he or she has the right to speed. Just the speeding alone was bad enough, but in a school zone with a loaded truck is inexcusable!
What has happened to our common sense? Where has it gone? Most of the time it doesn’t seem we have any common sense or pride any more. And now, because of this individual speeding in a highway truck, in a school zone, with a loaded truck the Attorney General’s office is involved. If this weren’t a serious incident, it would almost be funny that the Attorney General’s office IS involved. I would think WE ALL have to obey laws whether we work for the State or not.
Just think, if this person had been obeying the law like the rest of us try to do, this whole think could have been avoided!
Sheila Christoph