Letter to the Editor – July 13

This is the opinion of a Pine Haven resident. Every summer for the past few years, it has come to my attention that camping has increased in Pine Haven city limits. There is a City Code via the Town of Pine Haven. I have contacted Town Council, gone to town meetings to express my point to the council. The Town Council ignores the code. For many that have visited Keyhole Lake via the Town of Pine Haven, they should realize there is one way in and out. The chances of a Wildfire blocking the escape are greater with campers and fires in city limits. There are designated campgrounds in the State Park and some in Pine Haven. There is also more noise, traffic, etc. with people camping next door. I, personally have had approx. 20 campers next door to me. This is our residence in Pine Haven, not a party weekend getaway. Have some respect. Enjoy the State Park but do it safely. We need a second escape route.

Darren Hall