Letter to the Editor – Jan. 26

Dear Editor,

We support our elected Treasurer and the individuals who have been elected or appointed to Boards and/or Commissions in Crook County. As we have been reading about the audit results for Crook County, we have become concerned about the focus of this audit. In regard to the issues specific to the Treasurer, we have observed that a preliminary audit was discussed in a Commission meeting but did not see that respect was shown to the Treasurer to allow her to respond, answer questions, or provide information to the Commission concerning any of the issues that were raised. Treasurer Kuhl has been elected and re-elected by the people of Crook County several times and enjoys the confidence of those who voted for her. Not allowing her to address the issues when they were publically discussed is very troubling to us. We urge the Commission to listen to the Treasurer and then to implement a policy that they will defend. If it is a “no exceptions” policy, then they will be the proper body to deal with complaints as they arise.

In regard to the issue of purchasing, we feel that could be solved by designating a ‘buyer’ for the entire county who would process any payments. This would protect those individuals who are in a difficult position now without costing the tax payers an additional salary.

In both instances, it appears that no money has been lost to the County or that no fraud has occurred. That leaves the County Commissioners in the position to do what they were elected to do and provide leadership with policies that are not ambiguous and to facilitate the smooth running of our county.


John and Virginia Shoffstall