Letter to the Editor – Jan. 19

Letter to the Sundance Times Editor:

The Sundance Area Chamber of Commerce is in the process of having a Visitor Information brochure published and a new website developed to let people know what we have to offer in this area. Visitors often ask what is there to do here. They will spend money when there is something to do, and that helps us all.

I ask every organization, club, church, etc., to provide me with a list of events your group is planning for this area for this year. If it is an annual or one time, please let me know. Right now, we will need to know what the event is and the time of year or if you have it, the specific date. We will list them on an events page. Send them to me at the chamber: P.O. Box 1004 in Sundance 82729, as soon as possible.

Further, for your information, you can get your events on the official Crook County website by calling or going to the County Planning Department and if you will let me know, I can get them on a website in Gillette and on the State Dept. of Tourism website. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, you can get items listed in the WREN magazine. My thought is, the more we put this out the better attendance we will get.

Larry Goodson