Letter to the Editor from Keith Haiar – July 26

I am writing to correct inaccuracies in the June CCSD#1 School Board meeting minutes as I had requested my comments to be on the record. At the July CCSD#1 School Board meeting, my attempt to correct the meeting minutes was denied by the School District Attorney stating these are “private meetings” and only Board members can correct minutes.

For the record, at the June CCSD#1 School Board meeting I asked the Board “Does state law prohibit a public employee from using public funds, time, personnel, facilities or equipment for his private benefit?” There was no reply so I said “Yes, Wyoming Statute Title 9, Chapter 13, Section 105(a) – Misuse of office.”

I then asked “Is it true, district equipment and district personnel were used during a normal district work day, May 23, 2012, to form, place and finish concrete at the private residence of Superintendent Streib?” After staring at me for several seconds, I asked if the Superintendent wanted me to repeat the question. He said no to repeating the question, followed by answering my question as “the short answer is no.”

Chairman McInerney then asked what I wanted. I repeated Mr. McInerney’s earlier statement that he has sworn to uphold Wyoming State law and requested the Board suspend the superintendent and hold a complete, independent investigation into the misuse of office on May 23rd.

No motion came from the Board and they moved on to the next agenda item. Only after prompting from a patron at the end of the meeting, did the Board agree to discuss this in Executive Session. There they decided to form a subcommittee to investigate the issue. Their investigation is complete and a copy of the report is available from the School District.

Keith Haiar