Letter to the Editor – Feb. 9

Dear Editor,
WOW! Did you see the increase in our garbage charge this month? It was a $0.77 increase. That is a 3% increase. That is basically what the social security people got in a cost-of-living raise. In the four alleys that I can see from my alley, there are approximately 25 customers. This does not include the residents in Green Mountain Estates of which there are 10 residents. (I do not know how they are billed)
$25.70 x 25 = $642.50 just in four blocks for a month. There are approximately 700 recycling containers being charged for ($21954.70 [paid to recycling for 7 months] / 4.35 / 7 = $721.00). $25.70 x 700 = $17,990.00 is now being collected a month just for garbage. There is still the recycling (700 x 4.35 = $3045.00), water, sewer charges.
Figures don’t lie. There isn’t much we can do about it, but complain. We have to have the sewer and the water to wash our hands. SO I’M COMPLAINING.
Karen Peterson
Sundance, WY