Letter to the Editor – Feb. 23

Letter to the Editor:
It saddens me to tell you that the Aladdin Coal Tipple is too far gone to be economically feasible to be restored by Wyoming Abandoned Mine Land Program or County Commissioners. At the last Commissioners meeting they were informed of the results of the engineering study completed at the tipple. The two alternatives proposed were to tear it down and remove it or do what is called a controlled collapse and leave it sit in place with protections around it and cleaning up the debris and rebuild signage to explain what was there so it will be remembered as a great historic site. The decision was to complete the controlled collapse. At least this way something will remain visible. We tried!
Fortunately the Crook County Historical Society has stepped up and agreed to maintain the site and will work with the Aladdin Homemakers to keep it cleaned up. I would hope that all the four hundred plus individuals who showed me their support to save the tipple will lend their support to the historical society. This could get to be a big chore as time goes by and the members will need your help and it would even be nice if more folks became members. Please think about it. You can contact Don Stoner, Pam Thompson, Susan Rice or Rocky Courchaine. Your support was tremendous when I put out my letters, so please continue.
Larry Goodson